Anne Fox
2003-04-22 16:00:27 (UTC)

It's been a long december, but there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.

So writing class was only like five minutes long and i get
to come chill in my room- almost, nina is asleep in here
so i can't groove to some tunes. not gonna go there.
I will have finished my first year at Duke a week from
Friday, which rocks my face off. So fucking tired of
school. Plus Durham's getting a little old. Tomorrow is
last day of classes- thank god I am through with Amaryllis
my lameass italian professor. She's large and in charge
and I have had to see her five days a week.
Tomorrow is also me and bill's eight month anniversary.
don't know how that happened. i am pretty lucky i guess.
well at least im getting lucky i guess. ha. i dont know i
guess its kind of sad that bill is like my entire life
here at duke even though i am totally in love with him. it
will be weird not being with him all summer. we'll see how
that goes.
so anyways, after exams, i am going with bill to myrtle,
and then my dad is coming to pick me up. i used to be damn
excited about going home, but now i started having
nightmares about my mom so im not very excited anymore.
i guess im just having a bad week since this is a non-
smoking week. haven't had a cigarette since friday night
at the vaco show. i am definitely smoking this friday at
WSP because I am going to get funked up. i guess i need to
get a little something to drink for friday night, need to
work on that.
man i wish i could just listen to some music and read that
wolfe book... maybe nina will go to class soon. or maybe
anyways, i get to relax it for a while here before i
really start studying for exams. but i guess i coudl get
on some of those environmental readings since i havent
done any of that since the last exam.

no more.