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2003-04-22 15:34:30 (UTC)

Whoa, long time no write lol

Well after about a year i remembered i had this diary
thing.. lol, so i thought i would update you all on my life,
well my relationship with ryan was over like over a year,
now im just best friends with him. Im going out with TJ,
ive known him since i was going out with matt, and i
thought he was really hott when i was going out with
matt!! so ive been going out with him for almost 2
months! b4 TJ i was going out with some Michael guy,
who was the biggest ass ever!!!! lol, he went out with
me didnt like me at all, and just wanted sex from me!
and now my b/f, his cousin, and like a million of my very
protective guy friends want to hurt michael very badly!!
ugh guyz are dumb!!!