lillian jeanne
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2003-04-22 15:03:06 (UTC)


heyhey. bio lab final computer cause i dont want
it and dont need it...religion at 2 and im stuck here
idling away! i have 4 hours before i have to be anywhere
except lunch with allie. no random thoughts, no important
thouhts...just sitting here. i really like the ...'s. can
you tell?...i do :) im a bit loopy right now! lonestar
where are you out tonight? this feeling i'm trying to
fight...its dark and i think that i would give anything for
you to shine down on me. love ya!

so anyway... i feel kinda funny having 3 entries for the same day but
the previous 2 are actually from last night ...

ralph and i are having a "serious discussion"...yeah sounds fun eh.
i thought so. i dunno what to do! i love him but there's so many
things... like school, and the future, and professions and money and
money and family and IS HE CUT OUT FOR THIS??? i dunno... drama drama

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