duhs world
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2003-04-22 11:58:18 (UTC)


well i have had the best few days ever. Friday was okay i
worked and hung out with mike christain adn erica. well
saturday was the bomb i hung out with everyone i wanted to
plus josh and he bought me dinner and it was jjust so much
fun, i love hanging out with everyone to bad some people
hate me so i wont be able to hang out with them when that
person is around. then sunday was okay i got kinda
attitude with everyone and it was mean of me. last night
i did not know what was upi got out of working hopeing
josh was gunna be there adn well he wasn't so i came home
and got on line and was harrassing him while he was away
then he came on and we talked well we hung out the whole
night till 930 by ourself we have not done that in ever.
it just felt so nice cuz neither of us had to change it
was just the real josh and the real amanda.well thats all
i have to say so i love everyone

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