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2003-04-22 07:18:08 (UTC)

Sandman say: "You So Sourrrrrrr"

so this is what i did...

when i finished downloading the new madonna CD at 12 o
clock tonight i fell asleep at the computer like this

(im sleeping at the computer)

so i got up and went to ly on my bed (what the fuck????) i
got up at 3 after a very bad man woke me up in my dreams
and yelled at me like this


i woke up freaking out and went ah! like that ah!

it was scary...but i remember my and person i
can't remember were in my high school changing my computer
desks around and i had to give one of my computer desks
away so my aunt, TONINA, (real aunt i swear, shes
Vanessa's mother, swear) kept coming in and out trying to
take them but Vanessa didn't like them, so she would
return them half broken because they kept breaking from
the snow storm outside...she was really mad...Tonina...i
then got a Message/Song on my cellular phone from Vanessa
saying not to give away the computer desk...then it was on
my computer screen and I was in my room in my dream (yes
it was one of those) and I was looking at my computer (i
just tooted in real life hehe) and then the scary man came
to my door and yelled


it was then i got up and went ah! like in the
movies but not looking as studly as say hmmm errr Hayden
Christensen in his breakout scene from Star Wars Episode
2: Attack of the Clones where hes sleeping in bed
suffering from a tragic nightmare in which his dead mother
Schmee is calling to him (Anakin! Ani! NOOOO! Save me!)
to be saved...he then wakes up like this


of course hes glistening from light sweat and shirtless
looking tres buff and pouchless...but mine was almost like
that...except with pouch and with clothes because for some
reason I still have pounds of clothes on like my really
blue adidas jacket (oh i know you guys know what im
talking about)...its zippered for some reason and still is
and I slept with that!?!...


i think im suffering from remnants of AL-SARS-BNR (almost
like severe acute respiratory syndrome but not really)
because i keep having weird noises in my stomach...


i know you jealous...

for two lines there i was thinking of leaving this entry then you yes you can be like

but who is this man? and what is that pouch? why is it
leaking like that? and why does it smell like kangaroo

but i've changed my mind


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