Insight Into The Mind
2003-04-22 04:13:51 (UTC)

Sun Stroke

Easter weekend has come and passed. i even got an extra
day off school cos my mom was exhausted last night and
didn't know what she was saying. YAY JESS!!!! seriously
soetimes i think that woman is a serious nut job. she is
always going on about how we need to be in school and how
skipping is horrible and wrong(which mean s she would kill
me if she found out just how many times i've actually
skipped school) and then she tells us she doesn't care if
we go to school on Easter Monday(which we SHOULD have off
anyways!! fuck bastard school board!!!) and she is also
always telling us that lying is wrong but what does she
tell our(me and my sis)school for reasons why we aren't
there?? she tells them we have sunstroke!!! now i will
give it to her that at least it was a plosible lie cos we
did spend all day out at the ranch and it was fucking
baking out there, but the fact is that we didn't. so she
DELIBRATELY lied to my school. i am gonna hold that over
her head SO bad!! and even if she says she won't excuse my
absences anymore i can do it myself. for fuck's sake i've
done like 15 times already!!! but i am now gonna go to
school everyday until the end of May. maybe even the end
of classes cos they do end on June 13(DAY after my b-
day!!!) it's not ery long and we have one long weekend in
there so it won't be that bad. ha fucking ha. i bet
myself 5 bucks that i skip at least two more times before
the year is over. it doen't really matter. al that
matters is that i pass with decent marks. guess that means
i have to start handing in home work eh?? well the only
class that i don't hand in my work is english, but i can do
extra credit or something to bring that mark up if i had to.

well more next time(mom just got home)

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