lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-04-22 04:10:02 (UTC)

surfin' usa

ohhh how embarrassing! yes, i know, i know...cheesy title alert.
but still. life rocks my world right now and i don't care if you know
it. going back to school today wasn't painful, although in light of
recent events, i've decided to never do homework again. okay?

well tonight my dad told me we're going to it's for
suresies now. ahh i'm excited...cuz we were talking about all the
crazy-fool stuff i get to do this summer, and part of it is surfing in
maui so YEAH i'm ok with that.

we baked brittany a birfday cookie cake today...haha. no word
back yet on how it is. i'm afraid to find out, i have to admit.
anyway, we've been on baking rampages lately at meghan's
house, which is fine by me. i got back my pics of the dino cake,
and it made me sad to call myself a pro. wahh.

hey, i got back my beast of an english term paper today and
busted a 95 on it, so i guess my seven hours of work was worth it.
sweetness. i seriously don't feel like doing any schoolwork. six
weeks...six weeks...rarg.

as much as i want those six weeks to fly by, i don't want them to,
cuz by then paul and kristen will be living in norcal again. ew. i'm
afraid i'll have to stop thinking about that for a bit.

hey has anyone ever used that devotional journal coach gave us
last year? i busted it out last night and i really enjoy it. anyhow, i
better go do my homework that was due in march. you heard me
correctly. as seven degrees celsius would say, yo ho ho, out!

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