lillian jeanne
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2003-04-22 03:40:51 (UTC)

cow tales

Dearest LJ,
so easter is come and gone and mom got all of us carebears
liek when we were little! -home for good in all of 7 school
days... and 12 real days...yesterday was a mad house at the
motleys, shame you missed out! 90 freakin people! and the
scarier part... theyre all realated! oh yes! chillin to
norah jones right now...back at the dorm. found out im an
RA in 1st benard...holler...also found out that who else
but MJ squated and is on my floor. talk about HELL on
earth - yeah yeah but im tired of being the bigger person!
i am the bigger person in this case (literally) and i can
whoop her little ass if she gives me attitude... she best
not cause i got the upper hand this time in more than one
way. damn that makes me mad. just pisses me off - small
world eh? im just chuckling. gladly, there are really cool
people on my staff including favorite bosnian!
lol. so that will be cool at least, and i know i dont have
to live with her but if she doesnt show me respect as an
authority over her and simply as a peer and neighbor, she's
going to have a hell of a living situation. i'm quite
sleepy so i am to bed. so close to being done. so lab final tomorrow. FUN FUN FUN! night
all...*kisses all around!* love gracie

ps. did i mention i pierced my tounge! holler! mmm :P

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