Les Paroles du JC Torrecilla
2003-04-22 02:37:39 (UTC)

God Sent Me An Angel...

We've know each other for so long, you're a friend that i
don't wanna compromise. But you reassure my insecurities,
through all my nervousness inside. You softly squeeze my
hand, and say everythings ok, that they is no reason to be

As I lay beside you, with a quivered look on my face. Was
this real? or was i fooling myself? did i make a mistake?
As you gently sleep, all I can do is stare. When the sun
breaks through, what will you do?

When you wake, will you still the same? Please, don't me
feel like this all in vain. I've given you my precious
love, i gave all i have to give.

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