ton o galaxy
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2003-04-22 02:19:14 (UTC)

just a gigolo

i though it would be privately hot to wear a jock strap
today. i must be really desperate or something because I
was just uncomfortable. I did have a few moments of
secrecy, but they left me feeling odd and peverted. Like if
I wore a "speedo" to the beach. Scared of that girlfriend.
Work seemed like a real waste of time today and I hope I
approach my new job with a little bit more enthusiasm.
These girls walk in and act like I really care. That's the
problem. They know I have to act like I care and work me
for it. Please bitch. I really could care less what you
look like.
To me it seems like this is largely what is wrong with the
world in a lot of ways. I know this sounds like I'm gonna
make some huge political commentary, but really it's just
what I see. Women returning things because "they don't
like it". I know this sounds ridiculous but once you've
worked in this industry you see it and know exactly what
this means. People are asleep and they waste everything.

thank gawd i had the strap on through it all.

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