Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-04-22 00:31:07 (UTC)

Back to work, back to work....

Hey its mee again, I missed monday which was the
stupidest thing i could do at a time like this. I'm not
supposed to miss just ONE more day. Oh well, guess i'll
just mellow out as usual. I hardly ver ever get upset
anymore, no matter what situation i'm in. I didn't fall
asleep all night last night. I dunno why though. Oh yeah! I
got my letter from Astrid today! Shes so awsome though!! To
tell the truth, even though I don't know her all to well
because I've never met her in person, I can judge a good
pesonality you know, and well.... if I just lived a little
bit closer to her.. then maybe... I could ask her out.
I really do like her though and dunno, I just feel a
little lonely. I'm always alone, and i'm used to it. And
i'm lucky too, some people can't get used to it. But I
never said I enjoy being alone though! Well, I better go
and get some rest for tommorrow... bye!