SuGaR RuSh
2003-04-21 22:44:35 (UTC)

you mean the world to me

ya so i took a lil nappie after school, i had this dream
again but it was sorta diff...okay, i tell u bout the 1st
dream...i was w/ all these guys and they were frat bros and
this one i like loved died...his name was adam...and like
ya know when u pic a guy and u think "wow hes the man of my
drems, best looking guy ive ever seen.."...yeah this is i really wish i could mean a person who would
look like him....anywho..they were at like war or w/e and
adam died and i got really upset then i thought he didnt
die..then i woke my dream 2day...i was tryin 2
find him to see if he did cuz i found out it was sumone
else that died and i was asking everyone...and like jd was
helpin me find him...go figure¿...and then i asked this one
lady if she knew where he was and shes like "ohh yes yes
thats my son" and he pointed 2 this kid and it was him
walking 2 his car...(in a parking lot that looked like
starlakes) and i ran over 2 him and i was like cryin and
was like omg i missed u so much ur not dead i love u and
then i just member that hes just the perfect guy and we
were sittin down and he was like smileing @ me and i was
like thinkin in the dream..."wow he loves gunna
marry this guy" ...then i woke up...F that was like the
best dream i keep thinkin bout him..i dun wanna
4get his face.... bday was good and easter was i need
2 go shopping and spend my $$...hehhe...well uh..bye

kissy kissy