Love is an Addiction
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2003-04-21 21:47:41 (UTC)

An Entry 2 jonathon


U know I love u with all my heart
I'm just gonna tell u that streight from the start
This is the only way I know to tell you something without
making a sound
Because you told me not to talk to you that u don't want me
I couldn't look you in the eyes and tell you I don't care
because for some reason the feeling is still there.
Some of your friends tell me you said u never cared for me
But with our first night we had together I think that can't
That Night when we were so close and I was in yourarms
I felt lost in your love safe from harm
And with my head prest to your chest I could hear your
heart beat
it made my blood bounce from my head to my feet
and to your heart I don't kno if u heard i to
I promised that I would never ever stop loving you
I looked up at you in that moment i looked in your eyes
and I wonder now what a kiss would have done would it have
changed our lives.
there have been alot of times when you've made me cry
but I can't say It didn't make my love you even more that
would be a lie
You always had a way to make it fine
i wanted your love to always be mine
You know that without u I don't wanna live
and I might go crazy u say I might commit suicide
But I might not go crazy if you were to forgive
and it CAN all be better tomorrow
I'll luv u always even though u put me through stuff what
if your as u say in your lil irish fuuny way"just Jokin" or
mayb your testin me.
can we atLEAST be friends
now its your turn I've explained 2 you I just wanna know how
u feel for real deep inside!