All That I Am
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2003-04-21 21:23:01 (UTC)

Testosterone Buzz

"Sex is one of the 9 reasons for reincarnation, the other 8
are unimportant."
-Henry Miller

I have to wake up at 7:30am all this week. I don't know if
I can do it. I was thinking about just ending it now, take
a few pills with some alcohol and just call it quits...but
that seems just a little too melodramatic. Instead I'll
just have to try to go to bed earlier.....emphasis
on "try". I get to leave in about 30mins though so I'm
ecstatic. I'm heading straight to the gym and am going to
try and run another 3miles but I have blisters on my two
baby toes and although they don't hurt right now, I don't
know how they'll feel a mile or so into the running thing.
Mum is going to set up an appointment to get my muffler
replaced (woohoo!) because I really don't want to pay for
it and I don't care if my car is as loud as a tank. I'm
just embarrassed about the smell...I think I'm going to get
pulled over because they think I have a dead body in the
car. My birthday is in 5 more daaaayyyyss! I can't wait
because I LOVE presents and I love cake and I get to be a
bitch all day....we have this thing in our fam damily that
on your b-day you're the boss for the day. Of course my mum
just looks at me like I'm on crack when I tell her to do
something but it's still fun. Okay, now I know I talk about
guys too much....actually I don't write about them as much
as I think about them in this journal (which is good
because then my journal would be about nothing but guys)
but I have to make another exception with this guy today. I
already told my most bestest friend Tina about him but good
googlie moo this guy is just drop dead gorgeous! His name
is Joseph Scott (cute name huh?) and words cannot explain
this man. I was just in shock and I stil am and hopefully
he'll come in tomorrow because he's seriously going to be
on my mind today (and tonight...ah sooky now...bow chica
bow wow!). He was just nummie. This is the first time that
I worked when the lab opened during the weekday and I swear
it's been raining men all day. Joseph Scott was far and
away the best looking man I've seen but there have been so
many other bootylicious men...I'm seriously getting a buzz
from being around all this testosterone. I think I do need
to join the military because that's where all the fine men
are! You know when they say that guys think of sex like
every 3 or 5 mins....well, I think it's like every 2mins
for gay men. Women are pretty and all but they don't have
anything on guys. Okay enough about sweet nummilicous
men.....aaaahhhhhhh! I need to burn off some of this pent
up energy pronto before I attack someone. Well, I can't
think of anything cerebral to talk about today, all the
blood has rushed south of my brain. Later.

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