My world.. take a peek
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2003-04-21 20:32:32 (UTC)

Finally free

Well, I got off restriction yesterday.. wasnt really
restriction..but now I can hang out with everyone again as
much as I want. So.. I think I will start with Friday.
Cindy ( my cousin who is extrememly fat now.. she used to
be beautiful in highschool) She wanted to shop in Virginia
Beach in thrift stores to get some costumes for her school
play ( She is an English/Lit. teacher). So we leave the
house around 11am. We shop and shop, and we get lots of
costumes. WE even went to the mall,I got some shorts and a
dress. The day was nothing but riding around in the car,
talking, listening to music, and making occassional stops.
It was pretty fun, I mean we didn't get home until 9pm.
Saturday I went to work. I LOVE WORK! I have a cool job, I
get to talk to so many different people, and help them
accessorize with their prom dresses,wedding stuff.. etc.
And did I mention I dont have to wear a uniform that is
20,00 times too large for me! Anyhow, after work I went to
my Aunt and Uncle's house to eat dinner with the other
cousins. Greg came over later with a movie.. that only he
and I ended up watching since my family thinks its sin to
hear a few cusswords or see people starting to do sexual
acts. My point is- its in every movie. From Hell is a great
movie.. but it does have 4 bad scenes, but after that.. it
is ok. Sunday- went to church.. slept in service for like
10min.. I dont know how it happened, I just closed my eyes
for a second. Oh well, its not like the preacher was saying
anything I havent heard already. DId I ever mention that my
religion is crammed down my throat? I think it should be my
choice to go to church, and whatever church I want to.. But
nevermind telling anyone that around here. Afterwards
church i stopped by Greg's house to give him an easter
basket and a card for his family. Only he and Nanna were
there.. I always get so embarassed when I give people
things. I suppose Im weird .. but I get flustered over alot
of things. I kept telling Greg it was sad he was all by
himself, and that his family went golfing without him.. and Nanna
kept saying " I COUNT AS SOMEONE
I said it again like 10min later. I got so embarassed that
by the time i was going out the door.. I managed to blurt
out hurridly, " BYe Nanny". Yes, I procedded to smack
myslef in the head many times for being so dumb. Oh well, I
suppose its a good thing that he makes me feel that way.
I went home and finished preping for dinner. The family
came over to eat.. and afterwards we started filling easter
eggs. Greg stopped in to hang out. It was lots of fun
having an easter egg hunt- I sorta wished my brother could
have been there though.. After that greg and I went to the
park and walked around talking. Then we played hide and
seek in the friendship garden.. That was sooo much fun.
Then I went o church again! ( Yes I told you I go everytime
the doors are open!) After church Greg came back over and
we went to his house. We went to get a movie but Got It was
closed- so we went to Scoops and played Chess. After we
left Scoops, we were walking to the car and there was this
computer chair sitting on the sidewalk. I say, " Greg push
me".. HAHA.. He pushed me alright.. It was soo much fun.. I
was flyin! Then I started to approach railing, and I
grabbed on to the railing with my hands to stop myself, and
It whipped the chair around and I fell out and the chair
fell over! I was laughing so hard.. it was fun and funny. A
cop pulled up- I thought I was in trouble but he just made
sure I was ok and that we werent drunk . I tell you
guys,Greg and I have some classic moments together-
hopefully your relationship isnt boring..if so, see whatyou
are missing? We went back to his house and watched the ten
commandments while laying together on the couch. This
weekend was successful. This week is also spring break for
me! WOOHOO.. the only sad part is.. greg already had his :(
Oh well.. I will hit up the beach during the weekdays, and
this SAturday we are going to Busch GArdens.