hello kitty cat
2003-04-21 20:21:26 (UTC)

Today my boss and I talked..

Today my boss and I talked about how people use different
things to avoid having any spiritual aspect to their
life...or at least postpone any hope of finding themselves
spiritually. Like when people can't sleep....the only time
someone can't sleep is when they have personal issues
whether it be with themselves or with someone
else...whether it be conscious or subconscious ..and to me
it's common sense that you're not going to be able to
sleep/sleep well without solving your personal issues
first. You can take pills and what not, but it's not the
same, they're great for masking your problems and for
masking your lack of trying to fix those problems. But they
aren't an answer. Just like drugs in general. People don't
realize that drugs (whether it be coke or aspirin or an
antihistamine, or an antidepressant) are a cheat card. They
show you how yoU COULD FEEL if you went about living your
life the way it was meant to learn from your
mistakes, and move on. If you rely on the drugs, you're
abusing that cheat card. It's only supposed to show you
that you can feel good, that you can experience this, or
that. You are supposed to take that and try and get there
yourself, without help of a fucking drug...otherwise it
will do the exact opposite. You'll NEED the drug to get
there...and that's where people fuck up. There are a lot of
things that most people need to remember about themselves
(including myself), I say remember because everyone knows
deep down what to's just a matter of remembering
it's there...or at least acknowledging it. And if you don't
keep become stagnant and you can't grown as a
person. It's just like when you get sick, it's your doing,
we create everything in our lives. Becoming sick is a
consequence of not dealing with your problems or's a result of being recognizing
and accepting your shadows they lose their power over
you....the only thing I'm afraid of the idea of me
being afraid. Never make a decision out of fear, it's the
worst thing you can do, and the results are never "good".

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