REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-21 18:11:45 (UTC)


hey guys im home!! i got back really late last night. the
trip wasnt as bad as i thought! the drive with the family
was torcher!! like 10 hrs straight with them holy jesus!
well we got like 443258 tickets in canada because of me! i
got in trouble from the cops for not wearing my seat belt
in the BACK seat. and then i was screaming from the sun
roof and i got in trouble for that LOL im such a kildmfk
person!!! why am i so lkhsgtoihng!? im so hyper im on the
fone wit vaness and life jus seems to be gettin better!
wahoo lol. annnywayyy yestorday when we got home we went
to return the rental car and my dad tooke his wallet out
for something and gave it to me to hold. so when he got
back in the car he asked for his wallett and i totally
forgot wat he did wit it, forgetting he gave it to me and
i put it in the bag. so when we got home we had to go
ALLLLL THE WAY ack to like holm,del at like 3 in the
morning to find his wallett andyway we couldnt find it and
when i was unpacking this morning i found it in my bag
lol and i put it on the kitchen table !! SHH it wasnt me
haha. o-well i dont know if that made sence but im on the
fone with vaness and shes singing oldies music like
different strolks and movin on up and all this crap LMAO
shes halarious. yeah now im gonna go i dont know what to
talk about and im hyper and theres a box of amtches and a
35389475 candles in front of me so i gues you all know
what im abut to do! BYE