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2003-04-21 16:52:07 (UTC)

My dream

So maybe Lauryn is not the bitch from hell I have painted
her as. She called me Friday evening and told me her mother
had basically bashed her head in, which is as good of an
excuse as any for not hanging out. Meanwhile that night I
have this amazing sex dream about her and I am talking
AMAZING. Like we were just naked and touching each other
really softly, like one at a time. We were looking at each
other and just touching. And moaning. And then we were in
the shower and I took my fingers and ....
Now it is on my mind, quite a bit at that.
So I am going to call her tonight, my faith in humans once
again being restored. This girl has been redeemed. I cannot
wait to hang with her again, and I am sure there will be
some action this time. (If my period is over though)
I am going to sit here at work and fantasize some more.
Maybe she will let me burn the backs of her knees with

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