even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2003-04-21 16:29:19 (UTC)


so, yea it was nice. yesterday was a throw back to times
before... like, it was nice to chill and talk to kelly and
not worry about whether she hates me or not.. and yea.. it
ws just kind of like it used to be, only now... which i
think was qualifying at least for me. i got some
shoelaces, but not anklebracelet, which sucks, cause i
wanted one, but hey... at least i got the laces. aum got
this picture of bob marley sitting in a chair... we hve
this bet goign on about what a "spliff" is... its so
silly... we bet a joint, but i don;t really want it...
but.. i'm right, so im gonna win... yesterday was on e of
those days that just ewnt right... for most of the day, i
had such a good feeling of like.. rightnes, it was great...
and summer is coming up, which is always great, and i was
htinking that im ogign to get to chill, and sleep and get a
tan, and swim alot, and go to parties, i hope... maybe i'll
meet a zillion people and take a zillion pictures, and i
tiwll be great... im excited...