FLiEs and LigHts
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2003-04-21 12:52:58 (UTC)

~'' *** BRING THE FIRE*** '' ~ (song)

Bring the fire
That used to burn within
Bring the silence
That made us think

Bring the temptation
We couldn’t resist
Bring the picture
The perfect lie

Yes, be my guest
Eat what’s left
But please, don’t touch my heart

Bring your eyes
The green sea that lies within them
Bring your melancholy
And your porclain skin

Bring your secrets
If you want to tell me
But leave your new life home

Yes, be my guest
Eat whats left
Please, don’t touch my heart
Be my light
Trough this night
I Always feel empty
When there’s no moon

© copyrighted. so dont steal! :-P

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