FLiEs and LigHts
2003-04-21 10:59:21 (UTC)

How You Disgust Me

You’re strumming
I can feel your pain
You’re revolting
In ten thousand different ways
You’re beautiful
And I’m shy
I live
For the music
You live
To die
Your greens
Keeps my immpressions
I’m blue
Clischè I know
But beacause of you
You’ve got
What it takes
I guess I’m not like you
You didn’t appreciate
The things
I was willing to do
I shaked
Not in front of you
I cried
But not in front of you
I lied
To you
I tried to control it
You can’t control my pussy now
But I’d calm down if you tried
How I loathe thee
How disgusted I get by you
I guess no one knows