2003-04-21 04:40:59 (UTC)

i will never make it better....

he really fucking looks down on me. i mean, sometimes he
says these things that i dont know how to explain how
fucking low he makes me feel. like the other day, i was
already pissed off and he took my handcuffs off my rear
view mirror and he put one on me and i was like "i'm
fucking driving what is wrong with you" and he was like not
even being mean or serious but just laughing and he said
something about too many bad memories or something and i
was like in shock i was like what the fuck did he just say
to me. how could he mention this.
and tonight, i was talking about how i think i want to be a
child psychologist and he was laughing and i was like whats
funny about that, and he was like you'll teach them bad
things and i was like what do you mean and hes like just
dont tell them about razors or something? and i can
imagine in his head he sees me offering a five year old a
cigarette and a beer showing him how to drag the razor
across his arm and telling him he should be gay - this is
what he sees. i hate him sometimes. i hate him for
looking down on me and not even trying to understand me.

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