mad world
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2003-04-21 03:49:51 (UTC)

i cant remember to forget you

so i had to go to my uncles wake today. i was really hard
for me, to see him there. he looked so fake, i just couldnt
even be in the same room at him becuse i couldnt stop
crying. i guess i dont take death very well, i really dont
want to go back tommorow and have to carry the casket. i
dont know if ill have the strenth to do that. i miss him so
much already and he was so young. he was the only person in
my family that i was really close to. he was the only one
that didnt judge me on how i looked or dressed. he loved me
for who i was. and thats why i loved him he was one of the
greatest men ever to walk the earth and i will miss him more
than anything in the world.
i love you loyd sheridan
i hope your watching over me
ill see you again one day
i love you
this isnt goodbye
love brandon