2003-04-21 03:43:03 (UTC)

well what am i supposed to do...

well what am i supposed to do. who cares. i want to get
the fuck out of here thats what.
what a liar. ha. just when i was starting to believe
him. lol why would i ever do that... but anyway.

LadidaGrl: who are you talking to
Narzissismus: no one like always
LadidaGrl: right.. i bet you have everyone else blocked
except me right?
Narzissismus: i most certainly do.

yeah. except on my other screen name that he doesn't know,
he's on. and she's on. and whatever. i sent him an IM
from that name that just said "liar" and that's that.
that's all i can do to fight tonight. who cares. i'm just
too tired to deal with it anymore. and too busy. i just
want to pass this test tomorrow, finish this fucking
report, pass my bio final and then find a job and get the
fuck out of here. away from it. im going to bed.

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