the writtings on the wall
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2003-04-21 03:20:50 (UTC)


Roads. They are so damn confusing. I hate the fact that one
desion can lead you off a forgotten path, that can be
detramental to your mental health. I make desions, cosious
ones, and then they get fucked up, and i hate it, bc i dont
want them to be. I am really trying, and things blow up in
my face, like hovering over an underground bomb. Roads.
They are these sometimes twisted sometimes straight things
that take you places, close, far, and most times no where.
You cant be perfect, by any means under the sun, and there
is no way you can take every correct road you are supossed
to, but i am trying, and i want everyone to know that. I am
trying! i have bad instincts. Roads. It seems as if every
road i take, i get lead into a pit of man-eating
assholes...why? Roads.


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