Montana bound
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2003-04-20 23:59:33 (UTC)

Drift Away.....

Great song, that. Great singer, too. I guess the
circle's beginning to come around again. I still like
country, but I'm beginning to get a greater feel for the
classics, too. Uncle Kracker, BB King, Journey, and all
the other greats. Just smooth, easy rock and roll.
Of course, hanging out with Allison more may have
something to do with that. She loves country just as much
as I do, but she also listens to nearly every other kind of
music. Well, that, and my mistaken station with the radio
the other night. There was a crappy song on the station I
was listening to, so I changed it and ended up on the local
classic rock station which was playing "Ramblin' Man" by
the Allman Brothers Band. I thought this was a country
station, so I left it there and went to sleep. When I
awoke the next morning, it wasn't playing country, but it
was still good music. Since then, I've been looking for
the old stuff. It's great.
I had a pretty good time with Allison last night. Blake
had just gotten back from Powell with his scout troop, and
we were hoping to do something, but his girlfriend called
him up and demanded that he spend the night with her
because she hadn't seen him in *gasp* four whole days! Oh
my God, I'm amazed she survived! No, she's really a cool
person, I just couldn't resist giving her crap about it.
Anyway, Allison and I ended up going to a movie, "Bringing
Down The House." It was pretty funny. After the movie, we
went back to her house and colored some eggs. After all,
Easter was tomorrow, and they had to color them before it
was too late. Personally, I haven't cared for the whole
egg coloring thing since I was 12 or 13, but it was
actually pretty fun. Plus, I got to hang out with Allison
longer, so it's all good. I'm just happy to get to hang
out with her again. I haven't even seen her on a regular
basis since 9th grade, so I'm plenty happy. I just can't
wait until I have my car and can actually go places with
her. Now more than ever I'm kicking myself for screwing up
in Driver's Ed. If I hadn't been such a dumb shit, I could
have a lot more options right now. Of course, there's
always the possibility that, had I gotten my liscence, I
may not have met her again or whatever, but I prefer not to
dwell on that.
There's really only one problem right now. Namely,
Natalie. Nothing against her, I still think she's a great
person, but I've got my sights set elsewhere now, and I'd
really like if she and Dani would back off. Besides, after
Kara, I think I've had about as much of freshman girls as I
can take for the time being. I know, Dani's not a
freshman, but as far as my opinion of her is concerned, she
may as well be. I just want them all to leave me alone. I
don't want it to be true, but I'm afraid Skeeter might be
the worst of all of them. Once again, I hate to think it,
but I suspect he may be trying to work behind the scenes to
hook me up with Natalie. I think it's great that he's
trying to help her out, but anyone can see that, things
being as they are with me right now, any efforts in that
area are destined to fail. I don't know, and frankly, I
don't care.
I'm too happy to concern myself with such things right
now. Life is going better than it has in WAY too long, so
I'm not going to focus on the little things.