ton o galaxy
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2003-04-20 18:20:14 (UTC)

pagan bunny holidays

so i go the job. Cool. Cool. And even more cool. I can't
even begin to imagine what this is going to be like. Two
days off a week a much more flexible schedule and just a
whole new thing. The whole time i will be challenged
creatively which is i guess all i ever really wanted.
Today is Easter Sunday. I want to research what the
holiday is and means. i mean why the bunny? What does the
chocolate or plastic grass industry really have to do with
it? The whole egg ritual. I should know these things right?
Anyway, I put my two weeks at work. It seemed to be okay
but i had to mention that being a sales monkey drove me
crazy. I really didn't want to be totally negative, but who
leaves a job when they are happy? I think that was the
closest I came to it. So it is mildly uncomfortable, but i
hope I have some good karma here. I just have to believe
that i do.

happy easter

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