duhs world
2003-04-20 16:45:23 (UTC)

what a week

what a week it strated that i was hanging out with a group
of new people. i was wantign to talk to someoen that i
care about but never being able totalking to him so all
week i kept tring but i kinda gave up. cuz i never saw
the use of tring to get with someone that did not want to
talk to me. everyone tells me to just completely give up
but i dont see it happening soon but i am tring to at
least be his friends. i care and no one will change that
and i will learn to live with it. so i went off and did
what i needed then he showed up to my job on friday and we
talked about everything that i needed to talk to him and
it went good it seemed like he got mad cuz i felt the way
i did, but he wasn't. and it was good then saturday we
hung out when i got out of work and no attitude and no one
went home with hurt feelings at least i dont think so. i
had fun and i enjoyed myself last night. we r even
talking liek human and not like i am a bitch and hes and
ass hole. i care adn he knows it well i am off figured i
would tell everyone how eveything is going