life's weird
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2003-04-20 16:29:49 (UTC)

a mushy rant

i have to give a bit of background before i start my
actual rant so bare (bear?) with me. (if this rant
offends anyone, please call me because you are an idiot.)
sooo ive got a boyfriend and we dont see eachother too
much so when we do its always pretty awesome. a week or
two ago we hung out at his house because it was raining.
we ended up in his bed (parents were home, dont worry) and
at one point we were just lying facing eachother with the
covers over us. i dont know why but i just stopped
thinking about things (caitlin is ALWAYS thinking. its
annoying) and it just felt like nothing was wrong with my
life or the world (or my president. ok that might offend
someone) and i didn't have to go do homework or anything
and i could just lie like that for however long i wanted
the moment was over a bit later and i was back to
thinking. well first of all, why cant we have moments like
that more often? BAH! but what i was getting to is that
now that ive had a moment like that where everything is
just good, i cant do anything else. everytime i sit down
to do homework i think to myself "why am i doing this?
its pointless. i could be lying in bed." so ive been
really lame lately. i really just dont want to do or think
about anything. i hate it. ok yeah sorry if that didn't
make sense. im just trying to excuse my laziness.....