my entity
2003-04-20 14:36:56 (UTC)

missin U...

here i go again...been so long huh? oh well.. i feel like i
wanna write here all the things i wanna write as of the
moment..but first of all.. lemme say i miss you diary. do i start? first i wanna thank GOD for giving us
Jesus who save us from all our sins..ang guess wut? today
is easter sunday here and...i feel so blessed that i have
Jesus in my heart...i can testify that :) wnna know more?

well..ever since id revive and gained my spiritual
life..ive been always positive to anything that comes my
way...anything that happens toward me. ive never been so
calm in every trouble and worry was not a problem to me
anymore...whenever Mr. problem is coming on my way..i know
i have JESUS to help me and guide me to pass that dark
alley...all i need to do is to pray and ask Jesus for
help :)

right now..i just had a talk with my father..oh well its about
his "thing" towards my sister..or lets just call
it "hinanakit or sama ng loob". i dunno what to say so I kept
quiet all the time while he's talking. oh well... i think i
just need a prayer.. oh not just one..but more
sorry Lord that ive been so occupied this past two
weeks..ill make it up to you oh Lord. planning to join our church` youth camp...what do
you think? oh well.. i need to ask or to file for a
vacation leave so i could go...mejo matagal tagal din yun
eh....but im looking forward to that camp...

so wut else...nah..i think i gotta end this up..have to
wake up as early as 4 am work to do...

i know..i have a long long way to run...ill keep you posted
k? take care....

11:06 PM