FLiEs and LigHts
2003-04-20 13:08:37 (UTC)

*'~BLUE DRAGONS~'* (without shoes)

To night I took my guitar with me outside. I climbed up in
a three and sat there and played untill my mom woke up and
told me to get inside. I wonder if she’s ever done anything
outrageous. At all. I guess not.

I wanna play the piano now but I dont dare because the
living room is stuffed up with people and I wanna play for
me, not to them.

It’s fun being here. Watching.
Sometimes, when I don’t wanna be seen, they don’t see me.
But then I’ll get a “sing-loud-to-prove-that-you’re-not-
afraid-to-show-you’re-different-kick” and I’m vissible

Tori once gave me a advice. It sounded like this; ‘when
things get really ugly, you must either hide under a
cactus, or coulor your hair red.’ I’ve done the last thing
at least ten times now. But I regret it.
Cause the red pigments won’t get out of my hair. Yikes!

I think I must go and find someone to talk to. Like HIM.
But I’m not allowed to talk to him anymore. At least not
after all the bitchy things I said about bike-seats, his
dick, and orgasms. Though he deserves it.
I really should piss and leave him alone.
But there’s no other proper guys here in stuckville.
I need a pink dragon.