Sometimes.. I need to hide from everyone
2003-04-20 07:01:38 (UTC)

Life is here

I weigh 120 pounds. I'm 5'8". Danny's in Jail so it's time
I moved on. I need someone new. Ashley and I.. not friends.
She's mainly threatening me and trying to make me afraid of
leaving the house. Megan wants to kill her. None of that..
none of that.. Stephanie and me are taking a break. Not a
real break break.. but it's cool.. Karen's.. a downer
sometimes.. still cool. Life's great. I still hope you'll
miss me when i'm gone. Still bulimic. getting worse. wish
it was different. hey, love me please. talk to me. email me
at [email protected] or IM me at Nicmaz4 or Fisshtako. I
wanted to. I LOVE YOU! I NEED PEOPLE! peace out.

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