Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2003-04-20 05:04:18 (UTC)

fur elyse

You know, it really does my heart good to know that you don't
think that every guy I've ever dated is a schmuck. I really
thought you thought I was the apittamy of the dating
impaired, i think she's retarded or something, bad like pauls
dancing dating handicapped. It does me good to know you don't
think that.
Elyse and I had a long talk tonight. It was good, we
never really get to talk anymore. I don't let her read this
for the specific reason that sometime I need to vent about
her. I love her to death, don't get me wrong, it's just
sometimes I get so frustrsted that she doesn't see anything
wrong with the way she handles situations, and sometimes I
envy her so much and she doesn't get that she has a one in a
million perfect model, moviestar body. You know? and then
sometimes I listen to har talk and try to sound intelligent
and use big word incorrectly, and I just have to sigh and
move on. We had a really good time tonight. I miss having
good times like tonight.
I haven't been oon a date in over a year. Should this be
somesort of celebration? Is there an anniversary for how long
you've been single? well if there is I think I deserve it. I
want a boyfriend so bad. I don't need one I just want one
immensly, A good one. I don't want to date loser boys
anymore. They've all been losers! and I don't think I should
date another loser, I need a guy to restore my faith in the
mae sex. wait! what faith, eho has faith in the male sex, not
me that's for sure! anyway. I'm tired