Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2003-04-20 04:08:25 (UTC)

Things are FINALLY starting to look-up....

I can't really complain about life. Things are so much
bettet than before. I can honestly say that I feel 100%
percent better than I was two months ago. My car is one piece, which is definatley a good thing.
Josh and I getting on our feets from the whole Marc and
Chris ordeal. We bought a computer, we're looking into
moving, and he finally has a car. Yay for that!! Work is
going good for both of us. The longer I am at TA...I like
it even more. Of course, I have my gripes, but who doens't
have something they don't like about work? So, all in all,
life is good.

I'll update more later. :) bye for now