Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-04-20 02:35:25 (UTC)


Taped Ronin on TBS the other night, and finally got to
watch it this was pretty cool, with all the
chase scenes and suspense, and trying to figure out what
was in the case, lol...

I taped it, because I had rented some movies and wanted to
view them before the return time. "Road to Perdition" was
egg-cellent, in my book, where they mixed the father-son
relationship througout--Tom Hanks, and his son, Paul
Newman, and his son, and then there was the Catholic
setting, where we are all sons (the males) of God, the
Father. Just like their sons caused them trouble by
disobeying, so do we when we disobey... Anywho, it was

Then there was "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".
I viewed this at almost 5:30 in the morning after coming
home from work. Yes, I was tired. I was sleepy, and
worried about something, and had gone to work at close to 4
pm the afternoon before, so you know I was drained...but, I
had to watch it that morning because it was due before noon
that day. And so I watched it, and became involved. But
then I stopped the tape to make some coffee, and while
waiting for the coffee, I naturally passed out. But,
before an hour and a half past time, I awoke, viewed the
clock, breathed a sigh of relief, mixed some coffee with my
sugar and cream, and saw the rest of the film. I liked it
very much, especially in the state of mind that I was in--
half in, half out of a slumber, mind not working too
intensely, and so I was just able to soak in the story, and
believe in magic, and think that all cool fantasy stories
must have proper English gentlemen, ladies, lads, and
lasses with British accents...

Work sucked... I hate work... but anyways...

Oops, I think I just did a no-no through the internet...
oh hell........ (repercussions, consequences, etc. u know
the deal...)