Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-04-20 00:19:51 (UTC)


I miss her so much. She called me today 3 times, cant wait
till i get to see her next weekend! You dont know how much
i miss her. I get to see her that's all that matters... I
read her journal today and I realized what pain and torure
she had to go thru... it makes me feel like a horrible
person that i couldnt help her in anyway. Not that i ever
offered but I think i could have done SOMETHING to ease the
pain in time, whether it being I love you or how was your
day Ash? I didn't I blame myself for her pain, not all of
it was my fault but i could have been a better person
towards her but no, I had to fuck up once again and fight
with her over the stupidest reasons!Thats Jordan for ya a
lil self conceded bitch who enjoys messing up everyones
life. Actually i dont enjoy it I just happen to do it. I
hope she
does good in school to get a good education and live up life
but know
what's important and whats important is school. She needs a
she deserves it and she owes it to herself to do well after
what shes
been thru, to become and do something with her life than be
white trash bi-polar bitch like Shannon! Nick and I are ok
again not
going out just friends like i want it! At least something is
right? I need someone to guide and advise me but she isnt here
anymore, now who do i