All That I Am
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2003-04-19 22:23:57 (UTC)

Hell on Wheels

Today is so freakin' nice! I think this is the best weather
since I've been here. I'm at my mum's house right now and
we went and hit some garage sales because her whole housing
area is having them. Kent supposedly made like $40 already
and Amond made $70....bastard. He he, Amond talked me into
letting him practice driving in the school's parking lot
today...big mistake! I swear my heart stopped two or three
times. At first I was going to let him drive to the school
but the boy obviously hasn't had much practice because he
was doing 20mph in a 45mph zone. He had his one hand on top
of the steering wheel like he was the pimp and he nearly
went into a pole because he took a turn too short. That's
when I kicked him out, lol. But he's gotta learn somehow
and lord knows Mum is just about the worst teacher in the
world. I think she had a small stroke when she was teaching
me how to drive...she just doesn't have the patience thing
going on. Well, I have no clue what else I'm going to do
today. I brought home Harry Potter and the Chamber of
Secrets and Maid in Manhattan so the fam damily could
watch 'em (good movies by the way). I went and worked out
this morning and did the usual 3mile jog and I had to stop
because my two pinkie toes started rubbing on my shoes and
now they're all red and blue and blistery, yuck! Hurts
like a mofo too when I walk. But it's all good, I see why
gay men like staying in the gym so much (or at least that's
the stereotype), because the men there are just bootylicious!
There was this one guy who I said a few words to (as
in "Hey How's it going") and he was a flexible stud...just
legs bending all over the place and of course a hottie.
Well...ummmm....I think that's it for now. Later.

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