Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-04-19 22:09:27 (UTC)

Andrew (lots of detail beware, before reading)

Ok the past few days have just made this year the best year
of my life.
About mid-March I had someone saying he was interested in
me (faceparty) and wanted to get to know me a bit better.
Yeah he sounded like decent person and I thought yeah why
not. Over the next few weeks we kept in contact, messaged
and web cammed numerous times and then he told me on monday
that he was coming back on Thursday. I was like ok then.
I then thought about it, I really wanted to meet him and I
had nothing better to do this week so we arranged to meet
eachother. I packed all my stuff and then headed to
Liverpool Street Station and waited because we were suppose
to meet at 1.30-3.30pm. I waited for about 3 hours and he
never turned up. I called him and he said he couldn't make
it. I felt really depressed, pessimistic and down and I
headed my way home. I called him and then he said that hes
going to make it home but alot later and told me to meet
him at Harlow Station (essex) at around 9.30pm. I went home
and got a few more things together, because I was planning
to stay on thursday night and leave friday morning. It
turned out that there was a train strike on Friday so I
thought it would better to stay until Saturday. So left my
house still not feeling really good and still being really
pessimistic. I felt I was taking a huge risk, meeting him
at Harlow station. I thought that he was not going to be
there, and the whole arrangement and whole day was a total
waste. So I headed to Liverpool Street Station and got the
first train to Harlow. I got there around 9.15pm and the
first person I saw, was Andrew. He sat there waited for me
liked he said and immediately I felt happy again. I felt
nervous meeting him but we instantly clicked. He was all
dressed up in black gothic and me um like a young fun
londonder ^_^. We walked back from the station talking
about our life, asking about things and telling eachother
funny stories. About half way to his house I asked him what
did he want out of this meeting, he said a relationship, we
then looked into eachother eyes and kissed. It and the we
took a step back and laughed and talked a bit more.
We then got to his house, it was really warm inside and i
got acquainted with his 2 cats :). We went into the living
room and then sat down and talked a bit more. I touched him
and stroked his face and then we kissed a bit more. It felt
really good and right what we're doing. He then caressed me
kissed a bit more. As the night progressed I became more
and more fond of him. We would sit down watch TV, sitting
next to eachother, me being "the girl" in the relationship
and talked. I asked him if he would be my boyfriend and he
smiled and said yes!. We kissed and got ready got to go bed, we
sleeped together and did "stuff" during the night
(and thats all you're getting). The next day I woke up really,
had a bath and got changed. Andrew was still asleep, he looked
really peaceful. I went to the conservatory, sat and started
playing with one of the cats :) (this is the only time you
will see me touching pussy :D ). It was around 8.40 when I
woke up, and then Andrew woke up around 9.30. I laid down
next to him touching him and kissing him on the neck and his
body. It felt nice to have someone to call my own, someone to hug,
someone to love you as much as you love them, love is such a
wonderful thing. We went into town and walked around checking
out the stores for about an hour and then went back. It was a
nice day and good to go out. We went back and then kissed and
made love. It was about 3pm and both were really tired, both
took a nap, one on each sofa. Both woke up around 6 ish and felt
a bit better. Had dinner and just sat next to Andrew talking,
kissing and stroking him. He had a few phone calls that night and
made a few telling he came back. He had a phone call and he felt
really upset. One of his ex-girl (hes gay btw and not bi), was
screwing around with his mind and he was really upset about what
she said. I told him that why did he even bother like keeping touch
with her and he said that he just wanted to help her out and stuff
despite the way that she treated him in the past.
I told him how I felt and tried to comfort him, showing him that
he means so much to me, and that I love him.
It was around midnight and then he went upstairs to run himself a
bath, trouble is that he put the hot water on and the water wasn't
too comforting to be in. So i went to the kitchen and boiled the
kettle a few times putting as much water in so that he had some hot
water. After about 6 times i then kissed him and got in a bath with
him, stroking and making him feel better. About 20 minutes later we
got out, went downstairs, talked a bit more, watched TV and then
went to sleep around 2am.
Today we woke up around 11.30 ish, feeling a bit better and refreshed.
Went over to Andrew and kissed him in the morning and massaged him a
bit. He had some breakfast, and then we chatted and watched a bit of
TV. We sat down and kissed and made love again :-). He felt alot
better than last night and that was really nice to know.
We went into his room listen to some music, started stroking him a
bit more. At around 3 he went into the conservatory, put on some
music and took a bit of a rest. I sat next to him, touching him,
massaging him, he looked so peaceful, I wanted to make him as
comfortable as possible, theres nothing I wanted more than to please
him. I woke him up about 30 minutes later telling that I had to be
getting back. He called a cab and said to be there in 30 minutes.
By then we chased eachother around for a bit and then he gave me his
necklace. It was so sweet of him and I gave him one of mine.
He's so cute, so funny, he gets on with his life and lets other
get on with theirs, genuine, kind and a bit strange... a bit like me!
^_^. We kissed some more and um made love again (twice in one day,
phew). We kissed more until the cab arrived, telling eachother how
we're going miss eachother, holding eachother close.
The cab came, we kissed some more and then I left, smiling.
The only words I can say to sum my experience are these:
Love is a wonderful thing, to give to someone and for them to
return is a sign of good things to come. I love Andrew, his
personality, his attitude, just love him. The best thing you can
ever be is yourself, don't let anyone change it, unless you're
comfortable and still be, the best. You.
Take care now and I wish for everyone else who are close to me
experience what I felt in the past few days...Bye ^_^