Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-04-19 07:47:22 (UTC)

new rocks & tattoo's

so, i am going to get 3 tattoos
for sure..


take a look, if anyone has a comment
or 2, let me know if you have any

i am getting a nice looking leather
trench coat, paid $100 for it

and, i am going to order a pair
a new rock boots, only $300

also, the leather pants i want
have finally gone on sale, only
$140 a pair...


i am so broke...

do i need this stuff?

no, not really, but i want it

and so, i will have it

like so many other things

oh yes,

it will be mine


now i sound like a bad comercial
or something...

i have to figure out what i am
going to do with my online
businesses, i am still working
on them, but i need a more clear
and defined method, and it looks
like a whole lot more research
on my part...

i am going to sit in on some
classes at the u of m during the
summer session i am thinking,
mostly the business ones, and I think
i should sit in on the abnormal
psychology classes.. heh

so far, this week has been fun..

lets see what next week brings..

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