skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-19 06:43:04 (UTC)

Fly me to the moon....... Frankie

Well today was totally awesome. It started off kind of
being gay cause i thought that they forgot about me, but
they didnt. I got a ride with Alenas cool b/f Zack who
likes to sing. Then we had fire and ate hot dogs and
smores. Then we all watched the sun set which was really
cool. Oh yeah i got to watch my shows dragon ball Z, Yu yu
Hakoshou,G Gundam, And Rruoin Kenshein. I love all of those
japanese shows. Its 11:40 right now and im pretty hungry so
im going to make something to eat and then lie in bed and
think and then hopefully i'll go to sleep. Tomorrow im
going to go tour a culinary school in pasadena which is
going to be cool.

Question of the day: What will happen?

Song of the day: "Fly me to the moon" by Frank Sinatra

P.s Took my breathe away

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