Montana bound
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2003-04-19 03:01:11 (UTC)

Slow Going

Well, plans for the party fell through. Apparently,
his parents think he had way too much caffeine at the last
party of mine he came to, so Skeeter's parents aren't
letting him come tonight. With him not coming, I don't
know wether or not Josh will show up tonight. I haven't
talked to Josiah all day, and to be honest, I don't really
care if he comes. No offense, it's just not his attendence
that concerns me. And last but most definitely not least,
Allison's granparents came in from Hell (Delta) to visit
today, and her family went out to eat. She said that she
ate so much she feels like throwing up, so she's really not
to warm to the idea of doing something. We're hoping to
get together tomorrow night.
Anyway, that's about it for now. If nothing else,
maybe I'll have to mooch some money off of my parents and
we can go catch a movie. Just so long as I get to do
something with Allison. I know, I'm as bad as Skeeter is
with Alyssa. I'd bend over backward, tie myself in knots,
and jump up and down on my head for a chance to be with
her. The difference being, Skeeter's going out with
Alyssa, while as near as I know, Allison and I are just
friends. I don't know her thoughts on the matter, but I
sure want it to be more.

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