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2003-04-19 01:03:27 (UTC)

Forgive and Forget

I have been with her for 3 years. The same thing cropped up again.
I felt quite disgusted upon the thots of that. I know its unhealthy
for me to mention abt that same issue again. But things that happened
lately just reminds me of that incident.

I may sound bad.

I kept asking myself how the hell could I let her off so lightly,
with such horrible & disgusting things that she've done? And me,
there being the fool, still trying my best to be friendly to that
fucking linda! She must have thot of me as the greatest fool in the
world! Backstabbing me, and i'm there, still tryin to be friendly to


I can't be this kind hearted. It's gonna work no more.

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