Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-04-18 23:18:35 (UTC)

good day

today was a good day, still on spring break...i went to the
mall to hang out with brian and i hoke up with him for like
3 houres st8 hahaha. damn he's a good kisser.....dude that
was my 1st BJ(blo job) and it was kinda scary becuase i was
like wondering if i was doin it right hahaa.I must say that
boy is good with his hands *wink wink** he he. it was deff
fun....he's like such a good friend so i feel really
comfortable around him and evorything and hes so hott god
damnit!!!! anyways.....onto other news....I'm working on
this awsome picture from art class and it's like sooo
fuckin cool and i'm workin so hard on it. all my friends
think it's real cool....and my parents were just like "umm
yea it's nice hunny" grrrrr stupid parents. why the fuck
dont they encourage me??? it's like they could care
less.....i doubt that but i mean it really seems that way.
um....brian's really hot!!!! haha Becca thinks i should go
out with him.....i'm kinda scared to go out with a guy
again, i mean it's so nice to not have to committ to
anything u kno?? and i think it would ruin oure friendship
if i did. wtvr i'm out....

current music-this celluloid dream-"AFI" (amazing song u gt
hear it!!)