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2003-04-18 23:10:07 (UTC)


I know, I know. I haven't written in a while! lol! Well a
lot has happened in my life I suppose. I'm closer with my
friends than ever and I found out who really are my friends
and who aren't. I hate 2 of my closest friends that I had
last year, weird how that works out huh? Well it's
possible! haha! I like a sophie now! ;D! He's not well
known, so he's perfect.
It's hard to believe that frosh year is almost over. It went by
real quickly and I thought high school was going to be this big deal
and what not, but it's just school. I realized how different I am
than last year. I don't care about boys half as much, eh.. they come,
they go. I found out how much my friends really mean to me. Guys used
to run my life and I thought that if I didn't go to Winterball or
have a date for it, I would just die. But when the time came, I was
like Fuck it! I wanted no part in going to winterball. It's totally
overated and it's such a frosh thing to go to and make this huge deal
over it. Too much drama in that class. People want to be popular, but
when you get popular, people talk shit about you. It's nice to lay
low and make friends, but not be in the spotlight for people to care
enough about you to be judged or jealous. Ya know? Also, in my
previous entrys I talked about 2 hot seniors, well now I talk to one
of them and I don't even freak out, it's just cool. And that guy who
I think is homosexual, is my best friend! How awesome!;D Anyways,
I'll write back later because I have to go to the movies now. Bye

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