Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
2003-04-18 21:54:56 (UTC)


Here's an update on my life:
In March, I got busted for tokin down in the school parking
lot. It's a miracle that I wasn't expelled. My court date
is still pending.
I'm living in Michigan with my grandparents right now.
Since moving here in August, I've decided that I'm in the
wrong place. I need to get out of this town, and soon.
I'll be driving home in mid June. I think I've destroyed
my grandparent's lives enough, so leaving will be the best
thing for all three of us.
It's sad that this is all that I can say I've done in the
past few months. But I guess there's more, it just needs
to be written in its own journal entry.
Peace out nuggas!