penny for your thoughts
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2003-04-18 20:40:55 (UTC)

diary writing

another semester of staying over in school to do the
dreaded task... studying for exams

i always wondered how people could seem to make meaningful
entries into their diaries every single day. i never really
thought writing down the happenings of my daily routine was
something really worth putting into words. perhaps im a
boring person as compared to other diary keeping people,
else someone with less thoughts on what i do everyday. or
maybe im just lazy to write.

so what do these daily diary writing people think about all
the time? i mean, do they think of mad obscure thoughts
just so they have something to pen down in their diaries?
its funny though. watching bridgette jones' diary, her
entries are pretty interesting and mad i suppose. then
again i don't exactly have a dishy boss that plays flirty
emails with me or a handsome prim lawyer habouring a secret
crush on me. they say the model the world of the movies
after our world of reality, but come to think of it, are
they people like bridgette jones really existing out there?
speaking the thoughts without really thinking of the
consequences? hmmm...thought provoking....*not*

grrr...i've got like a ton of understanding to do and not a
bit of logic left in my poor oversaturated brain.
oversaturated not with study material, but nonsense and
stuff that im not really sure of since its all jumbled up
with my nonsense.

oh well..back to hit the books. diary writing break time is

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