2003-04-18 18:29:38 (UTC)

what to expect when youre not expecting anything

I always find it fascinating whether observing my own life
or the lives of others in the area of expectation. More
specifically I find how expectations change ironic. It is
human nature I suppose to expect some things in an
interpersonal relationship. A friend said...."The biggest
mistake we can make in interpersonal relationships is to
underestimate." I believe that.

I see something I didn't see before. I see a gentleness I
hadn't expected. I see a vulnerability not at all lacking
in masculine strength and fervor. I see a child
inside...like the child in me. Somehow I missed it
before. I underestimated.

I was so intimidated by my own feelings I didn't realize
how quiet, gentle and peaceful it is here in the core of
things ...just letting it happen.