Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-04-18 17:40:33 (UTC)


just because you can do a thing, it does not necessarilly
mean that you should do a thing.

of course, on the other hand if you don't go with your
instincts you can land yourself into a pile of dung that
simply defies all reasonable expectations of getting out of
it, and onto safe ground.

now, this is just a simple and rational thought that goes
through my little brain, although, I have a times wondered
why i keep doing the same sit that gets me into trouble to
begin with.


if there was ever a time when you could go back and change
something, i think ythe question after that would be, "do
you know what would happen to change the rest of your
life"? the answer to that, is fuck no

i have few regrets in life, but i do not wish to change
them, although it would be nice, but you can't change the
past, and there is no reason to think you have any
reasonable expectations of doing so to begin with anyways.
so, shit happens, then you die

yesterday, I finally got my teeth fixed, yay, it looks
amazing, i feel like a thousand times better too

and of course, i'm broke. payday was yesterday, and i'm
flat fucking broke... it pisses me off... but at least my
phone works again, and i have some pocket money that aught
to last me until tomorrow, but, meh

today i am sitting at work, wondering why i am here, i
suppose i am getting paid $22.50 an hour, because of easter
would be the first thing, but, really, this job does
nothing to fulfill any long term of grandious plans..


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