Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
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2003-04-18 16:13:38 (UTC)

In memory of Ashleigh

Nick and I broke up... I am pretty glad cuz now i can flirt
and have fun!!! Anywho Matt and Caitlin are gunna break up
too! So that we can both be single and live it up! Can't
wait till the crusie this summa, I am listening to Avril
Lavigne I like her cuz everyone tells me I look EXACTLY
like her so i am all like ook w/e Nick and I broke up
because he was always pissed at me so we can go off in our
own worlds, actually we had two diff worlds, he lived in
the "lets piss jordan off today depression world" and i
live in a world thats like "LIVE IT UP JORDAN" and I do...
i get in so much trouble at school its not even funni ok so
it is but still. I live life to the fullest and i dont
worry about ANYTHING i dont think about anything i dont
need to be thinking about i just go on with my regular day
which use to consist of Pissed off nick but now my days are
gunna go by like hey best friend brit and Caitlin and whats
going on g money Frankie? You understand a lil bit? If you
dont its ok i am just typing, even i dont know what im
typing? Well i am now listening to The all American
Rejects, they are pretty freaking cool! I miss Ashleigh so
much, I wish she was here helping me with my problems... We
would be sitting around right now and she would be yelling
at me to turn the music down lol, I remember everything
that Ashleigh and I did together. The MANY i do mean MANY
moments that girl and i had! She would yell at me for
listening to Avril Lavigne... she doesnt like her. I like
the way she dresses and acts, her music is just a flaw for
me. I am bored sitting around with an away message on that
says Who cares? Sometimes I wonder who does