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today is the greatest day
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2003-04-18 14:21:53 (UTC)

a big entry about a lot of things nobody will care about

Ok well I've got a lot of things to write about since my
last entry, so I'll just pick up from where I left off
yesterday afternoon... well... I left Uni and walked into
the city to meet Gab. Found her after a little bit of a mix-
up, then soon later we met Kaelah. We strolled the city
trying to look for some dinner. It was interesting, as we
all had strange kinds of meals. Not really strange but
just different. Kaelah had four apples, Gab had some
strange salad from Coles and I ate sushi from 7/11 and a
salami stick. heheh.. but who cares what we ate. Umm after
that we walked the streets a while until we bought some
drinkies and went and drank them in the botanical gardens.
It was nice, Ben Harper was playing and you could make out
his lovely music on the breeze being echoed off against
kangaroo point. A poignant moment (I love that word) hmmm
then we were gonna go home to Kaelah's house until the most
interesting event of the evening occured which was running
into Kaelahs plethorical Gay friends. haha.. it was strange
cos I was just about to say "I wonder if we'll bump into
Dane?" when just before I said it Dane pops up from around
the corner. hmm they are nice people those gay guys, the
only thing that was really making me feel uncomfortable
though was that this guy named Ben kept on bloody well
trying to hook in with me... Bloody drunk gay guy.. He was
a nice guy but damn it, he wouldn't stop and by the end I
was so sick of this horny homosexual trying to kiss me. He
kept on like being flirty with gab because (he said) "Gab
is your ex-girlfriend, so I can be closer to Michael by
being closer to Gab" At that point I was really just "What
the fucko?" yeah well anyways... hmm at least it was nice
to get compliments *awkward uncomfortable smiles* heheh. I
know I'm not homophobic whatsoever, but you know there's
only so much a guy can take. heheh... hmmm.... we went back
to Kaelah's (Me, Gab and Kay) And we both slept there,
Kaelah was being grumpy and went to bed but me and Gab
stayed up and had a nice talk (awwww) actually it was so
very nice *happy smile* then we watched "Empire Records"
which I thought Gab would love, but she kinda thought it
was just a "meh" movie it seemed.. but I say "meh" to that
myself because I love that Movie.. I kinda have a real
sentimental attachement to it I suppose, because I saw it
when I was like pretty young and it just totally reminds me
of the 90s. Ahhh.. I can't wait until I am old and I can
look back at the 90s the same way that my parents look at
the 60s. I've always wanted to do that ever since I was a
kid. Ummm after the movie Gab kinda just got up really fast
and went strait to bed with a very quick "goodnight". hmm
she was prolly just really tired cos it was like 3 in the
morning. It's just that looking back on that now it seemed
really strange. Ummm well that was last night, today was
another one of those lazy days at Kaelah's house. I woke
up. we hung out listening to music. Me and Gab had this
stupid little bicker thing which was just so shitty I don't
know where it started. And I was feeling bad after that so
I wrote her a letter cos I didn't feel that I could say it
to her face without stuffing up what I really felt like I
needed to say, so I just wrote her a letter. hmmm I'm
pretty sure that she read it, but we didn't talk about it
at all. Things were all good by the afternoon though. While
we was listenin to sum tunes Philly boy rang. I was so
excited! I hadn't talked to Phil for ages or seen him for
months. I was so happy to talk to him. yeah but so that
lead to like an amazing mood change because while I was
talking to Phil Gab and Kay left and went for a walk.. I
didn't even realise they had left and then Dick (Richard,
Kaelah's Dad) returns and is asking me where the girls are,
and so I went off and had a walk around the neighbourhood
looking for them. While I was walking though I was in the
best mood, cos I was gonna be hangin' out with Phil later
that night, and when I found them I just instantly got this
huge depression vibe. It was like the whole Phil ringing me
at Kaelah's house had made them really depresed and me like
fully happy. hmm so yeah anyways i didn't really figure
that one out. But hmmm... well that whole mood seemed to
wear off anyways.. and then later Gab kept on making all
these real obvious cover ups like she was talking to Kaelah
in some secretive toung about... ummm *sprinkling* and I'm
just like (I'm not a fricken Idiot guys I know what's going
down it was so obvious. And then I asked Kaelah if she was
going to be *sprinkling* and she gave me the biggest "no"
lie. Oooohh I can always read through that girls lies. Well
anyway Kaelah rang me later on in the night to tell me that
some *sprinkling* had taken place and that she was really
scared cos Gab was freaking her out. I KNEW IT! hmmm..
wells anywas Phil showed up to pick me up and there was
this really awkward mood coming from Kay and Gab. Why the
Hell do they think Phil hates them? It's just so wacked
that they are assuming that. hmm so anyways I went with
Phil and His brother Tommo and we had the coolest night. It
was just so fun hanging out with my old friends... I saw so
many of them. I went to a McCafe with Luke, Amelia, Renee,
Sam Phil and Tommo.. Because it was good friday so all the
other cafes were closed.. oh yeah and I ran into Amanda,
which was very very cool. haha Amanda is great she gives
the most beautiful hugs. I love them! heheh. Umm yeah it
was awesome seeing all my best friends from high school
though.. I missed them all so much. YAY! it was very nice.
It was so damn fun hangin with Phil again, I missed him so
much! He is the funniest bastard ever! and it just makes me
feel so hapy to be jokin arround with him again. Like I
just feel so in place when I am with my best friend ever. I
am so blessed to have so many friends. I mean Phil is my
ultimate best friend.. But after that I have so many other
best friends, any of them whom I would honestly and
seriously die for. Kaelah and Gab are the two most
beautiful people I know. I love them so much. Just typing
this up right now is bringing tears to my eyes. I love them
sooo much. I can't describe what they mean to me. Cam is a
champion... just an absolute legend. He is the funniest and
most accepting guy.. Cameron is the only friend of mine who
I have never once fought with. There has never been the
slightest thing between the two of us.. just so many crazy
cool memories. hmm then there is like all my COC friends,
but particularly the gang I was with tonight YAY! (Renee,
Luke, Amelia, Sammy) Those guys are tops! Legends in their
own rights. Hmm oh and I can't forget Jewels. I love you
Juliet you are an amazing girl... We don't see eachother
often and we don't have much to do with eachothers lives at
all but still you amaze me by who you are and that is why
we are still so close even though really we are kinda
distant. You have been there for me just to listen to my
problems so any times Jewels and I thankyou for that! Ohhh
I wanna give all my friends awesome wraps... I feel I
haven't been fair... maybe when I get time i will write
them all emails telling them how much they mean to me...
but I need to make a lot of time to do it cos they will all
need a lot of thought. hmm well anyways as I continue with
tonight.... ahhh... we went back to Sam's house to watch
the football kinda of disappointing to see the Broncos lose
after such a great game. But oh well! (bloody Sydney
Roosters I want to see you all bleed) hmm well after that I
came home and my parents were pissed off cos they wanted me
to go with them to see Grandad, but oh well! Umm yes well I
think that is enough.. this has been a huge ass entry and
there is still a lot more that I would like to say but i
think i need to stop as I have written way too much than I
could expect anyone to read, or even for myself to read
over again in some future reflection on the past two
evenings. So, until next time... FAREWELL AND GOODNIGHT my
beautiful diary!